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Welcome to the Air Conditioning Zone website. Coping with the summer heat is made possible thanks to air conditioning and many people enjoy its convenience and indoor temperature control for comfort.

What you'll find here in the AC Zone are answers to a lot of your questions on this subject.

Plus a whole load more information that you can take away and use to help you when deciding on the best way to maintain a comfortable climate in your home or office space.

air Conditioning ZoneDuring the hot summer months, staying comfortably cool in the home, office or workplace environment is hugely important. We have the capability to maintain the perfect interior climate and now you have a resource for gaining a better understanding of how it works and the best ways to use it.

What Do You Want to Know?

Most people already know what air conditioning does, but past the fact that it's an appliance that pumps out lots of nice cold air during summer (and nice warm air during winter depending on the model) is where many people's knowledge falters.

If you are really interested in know more about what happens inside the machine and how it does what it does as well as how to get the most from its abilities, here is the place to make your own discoveries!

Questions such as:

and many more are covered in detail right here for your convenience.

A Live Demonstration

Take a look at the QVC video presentation of the 10,000 BTU Honeywell AC model below to get a feel for what this type of portable, free standing air conditioner can do and how it works in its most basic of ways. You'll see just how easy these devices are to use and how spectacular their cooling capability can be.

I'm busy compiling customer and user questions with solid, factual answers that you need if you're thinking about buying any kind of air cooling appliance for your home, workshop, garage, office or even outdoor areas such as patio, terrace, porch, poolside or garden.

Indoor Cooling

Keeping cool indoors during summer is a big thing for people who live in a hot climate and that covers all of the mid-to-southern states, although most of the US experiences high heat during the hottest months. That's why we have access to such a big variety of ways to keep the inside temperatures at a level that's both comfortable and manageable.

An important point to consider when installing or renewing an AC installation, no matter how big or small is economy and efficiency. It is very easy to oversize the equipment you install or keep fixing and patching up an old, inefficient system in the erroneous belief that you're saving money, when the reverse is often true. It makes sense to ensure that your system is providing you with the maximum output for the least amount of energy consumption.

This means installing the most efficient, modern and technologically advanced equipment you can afford as it will pay back your investment many times over in lower energy bills while also being kinder to the environment by not wasting precious resources. You can learn more about AC energy efficiency at which is a site dedicated to lowering energy usage while still enjoying all the benefits of indoor temperature and humidity management systems that are available today.

If you take a look below, you'll see a categorized list of clickable article titles that you can read anytime if you want to find out more about home or work space cooling and climate management systems, portables and zone temperature control.

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