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Easily the most popular devices for space cooling in homes and the workplace, air conditioners chill the air and keep us comfortable when it gets hot outside during the summer period.

portable air conditionerThis section of the site looks at the following main components of the subject being:

What You Will Discover Here

The mission of this part of the site is to provide you with some up to the minute resources that can help you to learn and understand air conditioning and to not feel overwhelmed by opening one up and having a look around inside for cleaning and general maintaining the device in good condition. Of course, we don't recommend you try and perform home repairs by yourself unless you know what you are doing because one wrong move could end up wrecking your appliance.

Naturally, it is always best to call out a professional AC repair expert to perform repairs when things go wrong. However, it is possible to do regular owner maintenance on your appliances with the right guidance and information, but again only tinker with AC if you are confident you know what you are doing as mistakes can prove rather costly.

A Quick Overview

Most people are perfectly aware of what air conditioning is and what it does, but not so many people really understand what is going on inside these cold air dispensers or why they are installed the way they are. Here is a quick overview to help remedy that situation for those that are interested:

Fixed AC comes in two sections which are an indoor unit that contains the refrigeration processing machinery that produces the cold air we enjoy and an outdoor extraction device that vents the hot air produced by the refrigeration process to the outside. Here's a simple diagram to explain it better:

The internal unit draws in warm air from the room to be cooled and pumps it through a chilled lattice of narrow pipes that look much like a thin radiator. These pipes contain a refrigerant gas that is chilled under pressure, created by the compressor much like the way your domestic fridge in the kitchen works.

The air is chilled and then forced into the room by a fan. There is another side to this process which is actually a kind of heat exchange, which means for every unit of cold air produced, there is another unit of hot air as a by-product of the process. This hot air cannot be allowed to vent into the room being cooled or you'd end up with a net heating effect!

So we have an extraction unit on the outside of an external wall of the building which connects to the internal unit via a vent pipe that goes through the wall. The extractor has powerful fans that draw the hot air from the internal AC unit and pump it outside.

If you've ever wondered about this, just go outside when the AC is turned on and get close to the extraction unit and you'll feel the hot air being pumped out of them. A portable AC unit works in much the same way except it doesn't connect to an external extraction unit, but vents its hot air through a flexible hose that you need to connect to a window venting kit or other port in an external wall.

That's the answer to how this form of cooling solution works in a nutshell without going into technical details!

More Info

You can learn more about these amazing devices in more detail and with some technical spec in the series of articles that are more tightly focused on one or other aspect of the process. See the titles below:

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