Commercial Air Conditioning

If you run a business and are considering upgrading your commercial air conditioning system, there are some points you may wish to consider before committing to providing a cool working environment for your company's premises.

The most important aspect is finding the right sized equipment to suit your business operating space!

Let's take a look at what kinds of cooling equipment is necessary to cool a large industrial size space efficiently and without going over budget.

Industrial Air Conditioners

commercial air conditioningTo develop a viable plan for cooling your business premises, you first need to know exactly how much volume of air is in there and what portion of it is essentially in need of being cooled. This supposes that an area of your building will be occupied day to day with people; your employees!

Then you need to also include areas that are accessed by members of the public and also delivery personnel etc. This is so that they will feel comfortable while visiting your premises.

You may have, for example 2,000 sq ft of occupied space to cool. That would require relatively powerful cooling machinery that is capable of blasting out a large volume of chilled air.

The clever part of planning for your particular space is sizing the equipment to do the job, but not going too overboard on power output that it ends up costing much more to run a system that is larger than is necessary.

Heavy Duty Air Conditioner Units

There are a number of configurations to bear in mind when planning AC equipment for your business space. In some cases, a central cooling system would be most economical overall, especially with the facility to provide heating as well if your local climate includes cool winter seasons.

Central AC Systems

Central systems are comparatively easy to maintain by professionals as essentially all the important working components are located in one place. However, unless this type of system is sized correctly, it could become more expensive to run than say, a smaller and more economical distributed system of zone AC units.

Zoned AC Systems

Zone or mini-split air conditioners have a place in commercial premises where there are a number of individual offices or work spaces that may not be suitable for central air with the additional ducting that may be required. Each occupied space would have its own cooling unit that can be hooked up to an individual or shared condenser unit outside.

Some business premises are in a continual state of rearrangement, depending on the type of work that is carried out inside where office space is routinely altered or rearranged to suit a changing working environment need where different office workers migrate from office to office. If the dividing walls are temporary in nature and can and often are moved to resize offices, fixed air conditioning units may get in the way of rapid restructuring.

Portable Commercial AC Units

In such a case, there are commercial portable air conditioners that can perform the cooling but have the benefit of portability to be moved around as offices move or resize. Sitting on their own wheels and having easily manipulated intake and exhaust vent hoses, these large and powerful cooling units are perfect for the type of company that has a constantly changing office layout in its buildings.

Of course, each business has its own individual cooling needs and no two premises are quite the same. Depending on personnel logistics and space requirements, it could be that combining central air conditioning with some portable AC units may be the best solution with the best of both worlds.

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Depending on the size and nature of your business and its cooling needs, planning for the closest approximation of a perfect cooling solution is the best way forward when considering how to furnish your industrial premises with a good balance of power output with economy.

The best advice is to engage the services of a professional HVAC technician with lots of experience in designing and installing commercial air conditioning for all kinds of situations.

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