Why You Must Have Air Conditioning Urgently

When your new home is located in a much hotter climate than you're used to, the first thing you absolutely must have is an air conditioning system that works!

If you skip this vital point, you could find yourself spending many sleepless nights sweating in bed dreaming about a nice cool blast of air that isn't coming anytime soon.

While in many locations you can just about get away without an AC in summer if you're lucky enough to have a shaded home with plenty of natural evening breezes to take the worst of the heat away, there are some places where AC is essential. When night time temperatures don't fall and humidity stays high, just getting to sleep can be torture.

Refrigeration or Nothing

need air conditioningWhile you're never far from someone who is of the opinion that it can never be too hot to get by, the stark truth is that you need a moderate temperature in order to be comfortable enough to sleep as well as function normally when you're awake. In areas where high humidity accompanies very high temperatures, the only way to fight back is to have a solid, dependable air cooling system.

While some hardy souls can get by with a regular fan and cold showers, most regular folks need some respite from the daytime heat when they get home in the evening from a hard day's work. And in certain climates, the only way to achieve that is with air conditioning.

When a Swamp Cooler Won't Help

There is a lot of positive reasoning behind opting for evaporative cooling and in areas of low humidity, it is an excellent solution to excessive heat. But when things get really uncomfortably hot and humid, swamp coolers lose their effectiveness.

There are some choices, such as portable air conditioners in each room or installing a mini-split system that is fixed but overall neater and more powerful. But whatever you ultimately decide upon will be yours for many years to come, so it pays to think things through and choose wisely.

While there are plenty of arguments against refrigeration-based AC systems because they are expensive to run, use a lot of power and are bad for the environment, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that modern systems are much more efficient, use less power and have reduced their environmental footprint considerably than earlier machines from over a decade ago.

Power Consumption

You can read plenty of well worded advertisements for new systems that paint a really attractive picture of low energy devices that are whisper quiet in operation and are much better than their predecessors. However, don't fall into the trap of believing that any refrigerant-based AC device is going to be cheap to run!

Even the best, low power appliances will still consume several kilowatts of electricity each day depending on use, so it pays to approach the subject with an economical mind. You can reduce the load on the power grid by being sensible and keeping the thermostat set at a reasonable temperature rather than trying to make the interior of your home resemble the inside of a commercial walk-in food freezer!

Also make sure that you only use power to cool rooms in your home that are actually occupied by a person. Plenty of homes have the AC blasting away to keep an empty room nice and cold for no good reason other than the remote chance the cat might wander in and make itself comfortable in the corner.

The Bottom Line

A sensible approach to using air cooling technology to be comfortable in your home when the sun is doing its best to roast everything outside is the best way forward. When you only use power to keep a home's occupants comfortable, then you will naturally use less of it and save money.

If you're unsure about what temperature to set the thermostat to in each room, here's an easy trick. Think of what temperature you set the heating to in winter and if that feels comfortable to you, then set the AC thermostat to the same temperature and you'll be just fine!

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