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We all like to get answers to our questions. Need to know about space cooling, indoor temperature control by air conditioning and other methods? This is the section of the site dedicated to providing those answers!

cooling misting fanI have compiled a collection of commonly asked questions from the site's FAQ and expanded on the answers to those that deserve a better and fuller explanation than a short paragraph can provide in their own dedicated articles. This is an on-going process and I'll be continuing to add to this part as more people get involved in doing the asking.

What Do You Want to Know About Temperature Control?

There is a vast wealth of information online on a variety of subjects covering just about everything that is known to humankind. It's just a case of knowing where and how to look for it.

This very small corner of that vast information repository deals specifically with providing answers to how, why and with what we are able to keep the indoor temperature of our homes and workplaces under control. Specifically, I'm targeting air conditioning and air cooling (such as via evaporative cooling).

Where Do You Need to be Cool?

In our modern day homes and places we go to, it is common to want to feel comfortable no matter what the weather dictates. When it gets uncomfortably hot outside in summer and that heat threatens to turn our homes and other indoor spaces into mini ovens, we have the means to fight back and reduce the temperature in the places we control.

Sure we can't control the weather itself. That would be a task of enormous difficulty if it could ever be achieved. But we can do something to control the temperature inside the spaces we inhabit.

This will not be limited to just homes and office buildings but will also cover garages, workshops, automobiles, boats and caravans/RVs as well as camping situations such as tents and tepees for example. Why limit this to inside areas? I'll also cover outdoor areas that occasionally need a way to keep folks cool, such as porches and patios, terraces and pool sides, gardens and gazebos etc.

In fact, anywhere you need to feel cooler than the ambient temperature, there is a solution for you and knowledge to be had.

More Info

The list of article titles below represents the detailed and expansive answers to some of the questions highlighted in the titles. If you want to know more about this subject, there are the pages you need to read to find out!

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